Xiaomi Stop Android MIUI 9.5 Update And Soon Launch MIUI 10 Update

Friends, as you know, our country’s number one smartphone manufacturer is a company and most people use smart phones. And if you also use the Mi’s smartphone So this news is for you guys, as you know that the smartphone with MI battery is continuously flowing in the Indian market. There is no bad news about such a smartphone, but there is a big news about its update.

Friends Mi says that he will stop updating MIUI updates on Mi’s smartphone That is, you will not get any update of MIUI9 in Redmi’s old smartphone Friends, as you know, a few days ago, the update of MIUI 9.5 was launched in the Indian market. But this update was the last update After this, the company is going to launch its new update version MiI10 in the Indian market.

Friends, it is good news, but before that such a claim was made. That Mi will launch a new update 9.5 after 9.5 in an Indian market. But the company has dismissed this song and said that no updates will be made in the Indian market by MIUI, but it will bring its new version Miui 10 in the Indian market. It

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