Xiaomi Mi 8 Going To Launch On 31 May 2018, Know The Specifications

Xiaomi’s next smartphone, Mi 8, is scheduled to launch on May 31. Prior to the launch, Xiaomi has told why he named this phone Xiaomi Mi 8 instead of Mi7. The next smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 has also been screened from the specification. Xiaomi Mi8 is actually seen in some Chinese offline stores. The report says that the company will sell the upgraded version of M6 with different variants, at different prices. Kr

Xiaomi has released a photo from the post of Chinese social site Weibo. This shows that the company did not name the phone number 7. 7 is shown in the picture but it is written, since Xiaomi Mi 8 is better than the expectations, then Shoomi has decided to give it Mi8. It has been seen by Pleffaldoid first. Xiaomi Mi 8 is going to be the next flagship of the company. Xiaomi Mi 8 will knock on the company’s 8th Anniversary.

The picture shows Xiaomi Mi 8 storage, RAM variants, price and key features. According to the picture, Xiaomi Mi 8 will have a 6.01 inch display, in which half part is a fingerprint scanner. The Snapdragon 845 processor will work in the handset with 6 GB and 8 GB RAM options. Storage options will be 64 GB and 128 GB. Xiaomi Mi 8 will have an AI camera, which will support 2x optical zoom. Apart from this, as we said earlier, the phone will be equipped with 3D facial scanning. The slide reveals that the price of 6 GB RAM variants will be 2,799 Chinese yuan (about Rs 29,900). The 8 GB variant will be priced at 3,199 Chinese yuan (around Rs 34,20.

In another leak on Vibo, the picture of Xiaomi Mi 8 got a design gesture. The back of the phone has a glass panel, as well as a vertical dual camera setup on the left hand side. The front is equipped with Xiaomi Mi 8 Nach display. Volume and power buttons are given on the right. However,Mi logo has not been shown anywhere. We are a week away from the launch, after which you will be able to give accurate and sound information.

Let’s say that rumors were high on Shaomi Mi7, but the company has decided to launch Xiaomi Mi 8 instead. The handset will run on the micro version given on the top of the Android Orion. It will be copied from OnePlus 6. In the event, Mi may also throw band 3

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