World Top 5 Biggest Mobile Companies

Today We Are Going To Tell You About Top 5 Biggest Mobile Companies In The World. I Hope You Will Like This Post.


Mi smartphones are widely loved in India. And this company is giving tough competition to Samsung in India. As you all know After the Redmi Note 4, note 5 Pro also made the market tremendously. But due to lack of offline network, sales of its smartphones can be reduced. Because of that, it is now at number 5 in the world.


The smartphone manufacturer of China sold a total of 2.78 crore smartphones worldwide in 2017. Because of which it comes to number 4.


Huewei always brings some new things to her smartphone. This is China’s most popular smartphone company. In the last year, about Rs 3.85 crore was sold in the whole world. But due to modal like Honor 9 and Honor 7x, the company has grown rapidly. Which brings it to number 3.


Apple’s smartphones are preferred around the world. But because of expensive, its smartphones do not sell much. Because of which it comes to number 2 in the world. In addition to Apple’s smartphones, its MacBook iPad products are also sold well.

  1. Samsung

The South Korean smartphone manufacturer is in the world of Dhoom. Samsung’s smartphones are also very popular in the world, including in India. Apart from this, the company also produces chips and screens for other mobile companies. Because of online and offline networks, its smartphones are sold too much. Apart from this, its parts are easily available in the market.

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