These Things Will Cheaper On 1 April 2018, Here Is List

Their Is A Good News For All Peoples. Government Going To Cheap Some Things. So Today We Tell You All The List.

All proposals made with the budget from April 1 will apply. It also includes reducing the prices of certain goods. Look forward to the list.

Rail Ticket: The Government has reduced service tax on booking online tickets in this year’s budget. E-ticket booking will be very cheap after the service tax decreased.

Raw cashew nuts: The government has reduced the custom duty on raw cashew from 5 percent to 2.5 percent in the budget. In this way you will get cashew nuts too.

Solar Power Battery: The government has finished custom duty on solar powered battery. In this way, you will find this solar powered battery too cheap.
Solar Taper Glass: The Government has eliminated 5 per cent Custom Duty on Solar Taper Glass. There will be no custom duty on this. This will make it much cheaper.

Ears Machine: Apart from this, many electronic items such as ear machines and linear motion guides, country-made diamonds, tiles, micro ATMs, finger scanners, iris scanners, and other things will also fall in prices.


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