Watch Live TV Without Using Internet Data

Friends, in today’s time, the TV in the phone has become our necessity, which we can not even remove from our own desires, many of us see the show or movie of our choice on the phone but on the phone To view TVs, it is mandatory to use 100% of the data, and the speed of our internet speed is very fast, but later it is completely closed. For this, this feature can be very good.

What to do

You will have to spend 1000 to 1500 rupees for watching TV without internet, so you will have to buy a TV tuner dongle, TV tuner dongle can be found easily on any shopping site. Can order.

How will work

After purchasing a TV tuner dongle, you can put it in your phone directly without any problems you can enjoy any channel. There is no need to download any app for this. The best thing about this is that you will not even need an internet connection for this.Tuner Dongle works on DVB-T Signal Technology. It can also run on and screen | For this you will need to do some settings and you can also en

Why is it special

There are lots of special features of this device which you will have to buy it to use. You can use it directly by connecting it to your mobile phone, it will work in any Android mobile and it will start its work as soon as it connects.


TV Tuner Dongle Is A Cheapest Tech Device Which Allow You To Watch Free TV On Signal Strength. You Are Watching Dish TV Or Cable TV So You Are Understand Well. You Can Buy TV Tuner Dongle On Amazon In 1000 Rupees. It Is Very Cool Gadget. This Gadget Is Not Available In Offline Market. So You Can Buy This Gadget On Amazon By Very Low Price.

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