What Is VPN,? Benefits Of VPN? VPN Explained In Hindi

All of you people or some people will have heard about VPN. Some people may have not heard of VPN as well. Today we are going to tell you what is VPN. How can this change your life? Also, today we will tell you why VPN is needed.

What is VPN: VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. If we talk in simple language, VPN is a secure layer between two or more devices. If spoken in simple language, then you can say it like this: If you have to hide your network connection or your IP address or keep it secure, then you have no better way than VPN.


If you are using your internet connection and this internet connection is an external person whom we can call a hacker, in his eyes. Your connections, as well as all your browsing details and your bank’s details, may be in danger. In this way VPN will work for you. A large company uses VPN to keep its data secure. So that their data becomes much safer.

If you use WiFi services in any place free of charge, then your device gets threatened and hacked later. The need for VPN for all such needs was felt.

What are the advantages of VPN: VPN works like a layer. Any other person whom we call a hacker, knows what you are doing, can not reach it. We are going to tell you about the benefits of VPN.

(1) Through VPN you can keep your location and your IP address hidden. Also from your browsing details all the data is safe.

(2) Most of the VPN usage is done in those countries where their website is blocked by a public authority or a local authority or any social website has been blocked. You can easily open all those VPN sites by doing it. All you have to do is change your location in VPN. All country’s servers are available in VPN. Where you can use any country server to open the block website that is banned in your country.

(3) A lot of VPN companies provide you with a bandwidth through which you can view your video online without interruption.

(4) You can take VPN Plans of different companies according to you. You can easily use VPNs on your PC, laptops, tablets and your mobile phone.


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