Top 5 Best Whatsapp Amazing Tricks | You Should Try

Whotswap is the fastest and most commonly used chatting app in the internet today. Billions of people in the world use Whitesup but our claim is that you will not know these 5 Secret Tips.

1- Read the message, no one even knows it

It often happens on whitesups that you want to read many messages but do not want to answer it, and also want that the sender does not know that you have read the message. So do not be upset at all. There is also a tip of WhitSup that you will also read messages and the front will not even know that you have read.

How to do
Go to settings menu and then go to account. Then go to the privacy and close the read receipt.

2- Know who read your message when your message

There is another secret feature of Whatsup, in which you can know who reads your message sent to a group and read at what time. As long as every member of the group does not read your message in the message sent to the group, it can not be seen who reads the message and who does not. This tip will let you out in two minutes with this problem.

How to do
Clicking the message for a while, this will give you an option to see who reads the message. Besides, in the iPhone or Android phone, you can also swipe to the left to find out who reads the message and how much of the time.

3- Do not show your profile picture to anyone

There is a problem in whitesup that everyone can see your profile picture. But this is also a tip of redemption. No one will be able to see your profile picture and you can also avoid those unwanted candidates who often see the profile picture and send the message directly opposite.

How to do
To hide the profile picture, go to Settings and then go to the Privacy menu. Then click on the profile picture and select No Buddy’s option in it. Nobody will see your profile picture from this.

4- Get rid of group chat with beep beep

Up to 50 people can be involved in Whitesup Groups. In this way, many times, group chatting becomes very painful, but you do not want to leave the group, because often you do not want to face the ring of phone. But after this tip you will get rid of this problem of group chat.

How to do
Click Group Chat and go to its menu where the names and numbers of members of that group chat are displayed. Looking down, you will see the option to mute the group. You can mute the group for 8 hours, a week or a year.

5- Do not know Anybody You Are Online
Whitesupup often finds out when someone is online and when not. The big problem is that sometimes you do not want to chat with anyone even when you are online. In such a situation, because the last scene on whitesup is trapped due to feature. But there is also a magic tip after which no one will know about you whether you are online or not.

How to do
Go to the privacy menu and then there will be the option of the last scene. In this option you can either turn it off for most or you can turn it off for the ones whose numbers are not saved except for your contact.


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