Top 10 Best Smartphones In November 2017 | You Must Buy

If you are making a buying mood, then this news is for you. We are going to tell you about the ten best smartphones of 2017. These phones are trending these days due to their strong features and great look.


Samsung Galaxy S8:

If you are going to buy a phone then the best phone of the year is waiting for you. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is at number one in the ten best phones of 2017. The best quality of phone look and photo capture makes it special.


Google Pixel 2 XL:

If you are looking for a good Android phone then now your search is over. Google’s pixel 2 XL will fulfill all your smartphone’s wants. The phone’s camera and picture quality makes it the best Android smartphone.


OnePlus 5:

If you have already played one plus, you will know that the phone is very popular for its sleek look and splendid picture quality. The phone has made many improvements in its camera compared to the first. In this way, OnePlus 5 is placed at number three in the series of Best Phones.


Apple iPhone 8 Plus:

Apple has its own status in the smartphone market. Camera of the iPhone 8 is much better than other phones. There is also a wireless charging option in the phone. Which makes the phone even smarter


HTC U11:

HTC’s U11 smartphone is one of the best smartphones of the year. The speed and quality of the phone makes it special. If you are making a mood to take a smartphone then it can be a good choice for you.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

If you want to take a super hit phone, then Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 can be a good choice for you. In Samsung Galaxy Note 8 you will also get a great look of the phone with the best picture quality.


LG G6:

If you are looking for a great smartphone then your search could end up on LG G6. The wide angle camera of the phone makes it special. The phone’s camera is very great with the phone’s screen and look.


Sony Xperia XZ Premium:

Sony Xperia X Z Premium is tempting its customers in the Android phone market. The phone’s camera and overall performance are very great. This phone is at number 8 on the list of the best smartphones.


Google Pixel 2:

Google’s Pixel 2 can give you a great experience. This is a great phone. The phone’s camera, look and features are fantastic. If you want Google’s pixels will give you even more new experience with photos.


Apple iPhone 8:

Apple’s iPhone 8 is at number one on the Best Phones of the year 2017. Many new features are added to the phone. With off-cable charging, you can enjoy fantastic cameras and look at it.


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