Top 10 Best Camera Mobile Phones In 2018, Best Camera Smartphones

1. Google Pixel 2 XL: The best camera in the market is smartphone. Its camera takes great pictures. This phone is based on Android and this is also a special thing. Its camera algorithm is great. The user also receives a great battery.

2. Apple iPhone X: This is the second best in our list of Best Camera Fones. Its camera is also good, but it’s a little better than Pixel 2 XL. Dual rear camera setup has been given in this also. It also looks good and it also has a great battery.

3. Dual Rear Camera Setup has been setup in Apple iPhone 8 Plus. The phone has a 12+ 12 MP dual rear camera setup as well as 7MP front facing camera. It is also equipped with 3GB RAM. Its camera also takes better pictures.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: This phone comes with a drop-down camera. There is a dual camera setup that comes with the Bokeh effect. This phone gives quite a colorful pictures. This is the best low light shooter after Pixel fones.

5. Samsung Galaxy S8: The same camera was given in the company’s last year’s flagship device. It’s still a great camera. The company has made some algorithmic changes in it, due to which the camera is now faster than ever.

6. LG V30 Plus: Also one of the best camera fonts available in the market. This phone takes great pictures. It also has a front facing camera of 5MP and is equipped with a 3300mAh battery.

7. HTC U11: One of the best camera fonts present in this list is ours. It takes very good pictures in Lo Lite. There is also 3000mAh battery apart from the camera. It is also equipped with a 5.5-inch display.

8. Honor View 10: This phone also has a 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage as well as a great camera. There is a 16MP + 20MP dual rear camera setup. It is also equipped with 13MP front facing camera.

9. OnePlus 5T: also has Dual Camera setup. But this is not as good as the company claims to be superior to it. However it can be considered a good camera phone. It also has 128GB of internal storage with 8GB of RAM.

10. Sony Xperia XZ1: has some very special camera technology. Although it is not the best camera phone in the market, but if you try, you can take better pictures from it.


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