What Is Root, Why Need Root Android, Benefits Of Root Android

Android is an open source OS, we can customize it according to our needs. We can customize more Android than IOS. After routing the phone, the control of the whole phone comes in our hands, before the company that makes the access phone. Phone-making companies give users access to Limited due to security reasons. But if you want, after routing your phone, you can completely set it accordingly. Once the phone is rooted, many features are added and are not usually open.

The company that makes phone systems that installs in the operating system phones holds some limitations, meaning that all features are not open. So you get access to it as much as the company gave you control. But after the route, the limit given by the company is over. After this you can also use features that are capable of calling you, but due to the company’s limitations, the operating system did not allow you to do so. The phone performs better than the first after the routing, even if the battery is backed up or the use of unwanted data.

Reason Of Rooting ➡  Google’s built-in Android operating system is based on Linux OS. Users in Linux OS can remove the pre-installed OS and install another custom OS and can also modify it according to its requirement.

Also, with the full control of the phone, you can also modify the code of the installed application in it, as well as the pre-installed app provided by the mobile manufacturer.

Along with this, which app to access the permit is also in your hands. For example, you have a video player in your phone that you can stop giving data access to that app, because the phone does not require internet to play store videos. With this type of custom permit, you can save your phone’s battery and save extra data.


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