Paytm Tap Card Benefits, Why Need Paytm Tap Card

Paytm launched a new payment mode, a tap card and it is promoting India as the “really paid offline solution”. This is a card that uses NFC to transfer money to the authorized point of sale (POS) terminal by the company, and is intended for non-internet users.

The company says that the use of the Paytm tap card enables the safe and convenient digital payment with the help of NFC, which is completely offline on the Petty-releasing POS terminal under the other. To make the payment, users can add money to their Chatm account by scanning the QR code on the tap card and authenticating it on any Ad Value Machine (AVM). It also addresses concerns related to any network at the end of the consumers or merchants.

In the first phase, partnering with Paytm events, educational institutions and corporations to enable instant digital payment using tap cards. The customer has to tap the card at a merchant terminal to make a payment, so that they do not need their phones, even if they provide a way to pay through Paytm.

“We are aggressively suppressing digital payments to users from every move of life. There are many people who sometimes can not reach the Internet or have a limited daily budget, so they use online payment. To keep them away, for them, we offer Paytm TM card to enable seamless offline payments. To ensure wider acceptance, we are reaching merchants. And actively empowering them to accept the payment without the tap card with the NFC POS terminal. This is a real testimony to us. “Our understanding of the needs of our users and innovative solutions around the needs of our users,” Kiran Vasireddy, COO, Commitment is also necessary. “


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