Link Aadhar To Sim Easily With This Method

Linking the mobile number to Aadhar card is mandatory. According to the government directive, if you did not do this work before December 31, your mobile number could be closed.
Given the problem of consumers, the government can now bring the convenience of linking the mobile-based mobile phone to the house. With this facility, consumers will be able to link the mobile number to the home based base and their services will not be canceled.
Through the base, the process of redirection of existing mobile phone holders is being made easier and more convenient.
According to information received from an official source, the government has taken several measures to make the whole process more easy for mobile customers.
In those measures, the facility of verification by OTP, in addition to the request of the reverification to the consumer’s home, is included.
According to information received from the sources, telecom operators have been asked to provide the facility of redirection in their home for the disabled, older people and the sick.
Apart from this, operators have also been asked to establish an online system through website and other means. So that customers can send their request for this process.
Operators have been asked to use SMS or IVRs or their mobile app to verify OTP based support.
This is being done because, if any mobile number of the customer is registered in the database then using the OTP method, besides reversing the number, other numbers of that customer can also be verified. According to sources, about 500 million mobile numbers are available in the database.


After The Rule Of Indian Govt And TRAI Aadhar Card Link To Sim Card Is Compulsory For All Sim Card Holders. You Can Link Your Sim To Aadhar Easily By Going To Your Nearest Retailer Shop For Free.. And Govt Will Comes With New Technology.


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