Know One Of The Most Popular And Best Feature In Facebook

Facebook is the most popular networking site on social media platforms. There have been many changes in Facebook in the last 12 years. Initially Facebook was launched to chat with friends only. But in view of the increasing popularity and demand of the people gradually, many new features were put in it.

Facebook’s Live is the Greatest Feature
A few months ago, the Live option has been added to Facebook. Live chat option is considered to be the best feature of Facebook. Through live chat you can chat with your friends anywhere at anytime. It will be able to see you all your friends together. If your friends want to ask you some questions then they can also ask your questions in the comment section. The most remarkable feature of this feature is that this feature can be used like a mass media. Often people are seen walking around or during parties or at some other event.

All are bountiful use
Not only common people but film stars, politicians, media are also taking full advantage of this live feature. During the promotion of the film stars, the politicians are making great use of this feature during their speeches and during the news channels during their interviews. Thousands of viewers are seen asking their questions through live chat. Nowadays, the day and the time of the live chat are decided. Large seminars have also started happening now through live chat.

Great way of publicity
In a way, a feature like Facebook Live is giving you the opportunity to make your brand publicity in free. Facebook is not the first social networking site that has given the option of live chat to its users. Prior to this, Instagram started this feature. However, this feature on Instagram did not get enough success, as it is getting on Facebook. Given its popularity, it will not be wrong to say that this feature is the best feature of Facebook.

If you have ever used this feature, then share your thoughts with us. If you have not used this feature ever, try today.

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