Jio Phone 5 Bad Things, Jio Phone Good Or Bad

Reliance Jio Launched A Cheapest Feature 4G Smartphone In Indian Market. When Jio Phone Is Announced And When Jio Phone Is Launched. Peoples Are Very Crazy For Buying This Phone. Many People Book Jio Phone. Now Jio Phone Again Available For Sell On Jio Website. But Now Some Peoples Not Want To Buy Jio Phone. Their Are Many Reasons For Nit Buying Jio Phone. So Today We Are Going To Tell You About TOp 5 Reasons To Not Buy Jio Phone.

Jio Phone System

The operating system of the phone is quite slow. You will also be able to see the lag when you unlock the phone. The phone runs very slow and it is also very often hangs.

Hotspot Missing

As we all know that this was a 4G phone and the company had introduced it as a cheap 4G basic phone. People had hopes that it would be with hotspot but the phone lacked hotspot. HotSpot is really a useful feature. Especially in areas where network quality is not correct, this can prove to be a very effective feature.

Work Only One SIM

You will find many dual SIM feature phones at the same price of the Jio Phone. But this is a single SIM smartphone. In which you can only use one SIM at a time. Those who have to keep 2 SIMs will need to carry another phone.

Battery Life Not Good

Generally people buy feature phones because their battery life is quite good. They can be easily used for 2 days or more. But Jio Phone is a 4G VoLTE smartphone. So its battery life is also average.

Lack Of Many Apps

Many apps such as YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc. can not be used with Jio Phone. You have to use this browser and then you have to navigate to Twitter but this does not prove to be a pleasant experience. Because this is a keypad phone.

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