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In the matter of running the internet even though India is considered to be number one on the first day but in the case of speed it is still far behind. Do you know who is the most Internet speed country? I will tell you about the top 10 countries today At the forefront of the speed.

10 – Finland – Finland is at number 10 in countries with the highest speed, the speed of the internet is 17.7 Mbps.

9 – Czech Republic – The average internet speed here is 17.8 Mbps and speed is for all Internet users here.

8 – Netherlands – The Netherlands is a country in Europe with the highest internet penetration and Internet speed is 17.9 Mbps.

7 – Latvia – Latvia’s internet speed is 18.3 Mbps, which is three times higher than the global internet speed.

6 – Switzerlandland – The speed here is 18.7 Mbps and it is increasing every year.

5 – Hong Kong – Speed ​​of Hong Kong dropped in the speed of the speed before it got the speed of 60 Mbps and now the average speed is 19.9 Mbps speed.

4 – Japan – The average internet speed here is 18.2 Mbps, Japan is counted among the countries which are working on super fast 100 GBps internet.

3 – Sweden – European country is increasing every year in terms of speed, average internet speed in Sweden is 20.6 Mbps.

2 – Norway – Norway is second in terms of speed, average speed is 21.3 Mbps in Norway, more than 5 HD photos are downloaded per second.

1 – South Korea – The fastest Internet is being used in South Korea. The internet speed is 29 Mbps, which is 4.6 times higher than the Global Internet Speed. 80 percent of South Korea’s people have the connection of the Internet Speed ​​connection It exists but there are some limitations.

Now We Talking About Internet Speed Of India. In India, You Will Enjoy 6.5 MBPS Speed. And My Personal Experience With Jio. It Given Me 2.2 MBPS Speed.

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