GTA 4 For Android And IOS Will Be Launched In 2018 On Rockstar Games 10th Aniversary

Rockstar Games Is A Very Popular Gaming Company. Rockstar Games Launched Many Games. The Best Gaming Series Of Rockstar Games Is GTA. GTA Has Many Version Like, GTA San Andreas, GTA 5, GTA 4, GTA Vice City And More. Some GTA Games Is Available For Both PC And Mobile. On Mobile You Can Play GTA Sa And GTA Vice City. But Now People Are Bored With These GTA Mobile Games. Now People Want More.


If You Want To Play Or Want GTA 4 For Android And iOS, So Their Are A Good News For You. Rockstar Games Will Be Launched GTA 4 For And iOS, Means You Can Play GTA 4 On Android And iOS.

Rockstar Games Was Publish For GTA IV Android And iOS Notice. Rockstar Games Said That On His 10th Anniversary They Will Launched GTA 4 For Android And iOS. Which Means You Can Able To Play GTA IV On Android And iOS.

GTA 4 For Android And iOS Will Be Launched In 2018 On Rockstar Games 10th Anniversary

Rockstar Games 10th Anniversary Is On 2018. And In 2018 Rockstar Games Gives You A Gift Of GTA 4 For Android And iOS.

The Size Of The GTA 4 Android Will Be 5.30GB. Which Means You Need A Good Phone For Playing GTA IV On Mobile Phone. GTA Sa Android Game Size Is 2.47GB And GTA 4 Android Size Will Be Double.

GTA 4 Will Be Launched For Android And iOS In 2018 Very Soon. Comment And Share This Post. And Stay Tuned For Next Updated.


  1. Tell you what? The likelihood of GTA IV coming to Android/iOS is so small, at least in 2018, that I could bet a thousand bucks on it. GTA IV was a mess, from the technical view-point. No system, not even a high-end pc was ever able to run GTA IV in with a healthy frames/s. Xbox one barely manges to run GTA IV at avg 40 fps. The first prototype of Rockstar Advanced Game Engine used in GTA IV, that interestingly used Natural Motion’s Euphoria for physics, was cool to be used in a open world game like GTA. But ever wonder why Rockstar didn’t reuse that in GTA V’s engine? Infact it is the complaint of many GTA series fanboys that GTA V’s physics is sub-par compared to GTA IV’s. It was because Euphoria technology was unoptimized. It made GTA IV a technical mess. And even though XBOX 360 and PS3 version of GTA IV was somehow able to manage 30 fps, the PC port couldn’t. GTA IV is till the date one of the worst PC port you can still purchase on Steam. Many other games had similar bad porting issues (e.g. Batman Arkham Knight), but most of them solved their problems through various patches. But GTA IV just couldn’t be made better. Because otherwise Rockstar had to build the pc port from ground up which was impractical. So expecting GTA IV for mobile this year, will probably be more than expecting a bottle of cold mineral water lying around in a hot desert just the moment you feel thrusty.

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