Good News For SBI Account Holders, State Bank Of India Launched A New Scheme

If your bank account is in State Bank of India (SBI), then there is good news for you. SBI has launched a scheme for its customers, in which the customers will not have to bolster the banks to transfer money from one branch to another branch. SBI has started facilitating transfer of accounts online from one branch to another branch for its customers sitting at home.
Such account transfer
To take advantage of this scheme, you have to meet certain conditions of SBI:
First you need to activate SBI’s internet banking facility.
On the SBI website, you will need to click on the ‘e-service’ tab by logging in.
After this, click on ‘Transfer of Savings Account’ option.
You will see accounts available in SBI. You must select the account to transfer
It will have to enter the code of the branch and then click on the ‘gate branch name’, after which the name and code of the branch will be displayed in the box below.
By typing the terms and condition and clicking on the exit,
After this the new branch will show the name and code in which you want to transfer your account, after which there will be a password on the registered mobile, which you have to confirm. Now a new page will open on which the transfer confirmation message, your current branch and the details of the branch transferred. This new initiative by SBI will be benefited by the account holders who continue to transfer.


SBI Is A India Top Best And Big Bank. SBI Pdovides Many Good Services To Its Customers. All Peoples Happy With SBI New Schemes. And SBI Again Comes With A New Scheme For Its Customers. This Scheme Is Very Useful For Job Peoples. But SBI MAB charges Is Very High. If You Not Want To Pay These Charges So You Are Turn Your Account To BSBD Account.


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