Facebook Tells You Are Rich Or Poor, Facebook New Feature

The number of Facebook users worldwide is increasing every day. After posting the first posting and then giving live option, Facebook has added a second patent. Through this application, Facebook will be able to assess the social and economic status of its users.

According to sources, Facebook has divided this new feature into working class, middle class and upper class.
Social media giants can easily visualize their socio-economic status by collecting personal data from their users through this new feature.

Facebook has included home-ownership, internet access and education etc. in these private data. Social media giant Facebook made this new feature patent public on Friday. According to media reports, Facebook will collect the ownership, education and internet usage of internet to reduce the number of users.

Because in this new feature it has been mentioned that Facebook will send users of a third ad to targeted users after estimating the socio-economic status of the users. For the time being, there is not even the exact information about how social media giants will be able to include this new patent feature on their page.


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