Facebook Data Leak, Facebook Changed 6 Rules To Increase Facebook Sequirity

After the Facebook data leak debate for several consecutive days, it became clear that data from millions of users of Facebook has been used incorrectly.
Now for this reason, Facebook will blame Cambridge Analyst for breaking trust, but the fact is that it has happened because of the mistake of Facebook. However, somewhere Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself considers this.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has told about some important steps to avoid this in the future. First of all Facebook will bring a tool that will allow the user to know if their data has been misused or not.

Platform Review
Facebook will investigate all those apps that used to collect more data than people before 2014. Because in 2014 the company reduced data access done by the app. For this, Facebook has said that any app suspecting will be fully audited and will be banned.

Telling people about the misuse of data
Facebook has said that the company will now tell those people about the applications that have misused their data. Ag Facebook removes apps that misuse user data, then in such a situation, they will give this information to all users.

Apps you do not use will lose access
If someone has not used any app on Facebook for the past three months, his access will be eliminated so that the information can not be shared with him.

Facebook login data will be redistributed
Facebook logins are changing, so that the applications in the next version can not demand more data than users without a review. Includes user name, profile photo and email address. Apart from this, those apps will need the approval of Facebook for other data.

Telling people to manage apps
We still show people how many apps are connected to their account and users can control the information they have shared with those apps. Now we will make it easier and easier than ever.
Reward for those who find fault with Facebook
The Facebook Bug Bounty Program will be expanded App developers can report any information about the misuse of the data through the app.


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