Don’t Use Black Magenetic Stripe ATM Debt And Credit Card, A Big Danger

Debit and credit card fraud are becoming a headache for us. If you are still using magnetic or black strip cards, be cautious. On the day of the ATM card fraud cases are on the rise. Whether the card holder uses the card or not, the money is withdrawn from his account.

Such cases are extremely serious because cloning and debit cards of black strip (magnetic stripe) issued by banks, and credit cards are much simpler. In such cases, fake ATMs can be withdrawn from your account.
This is the reason why the bank is now issuing chip ATM cards. In the year 2012, an order was issued. According to this order, the Reserve Bank of India had said that people who go abroad will be able to use chip-based debit and credit cards. In this way, the chip-based ATM cards were issued for people going abroad. Also Black Strip Cards are not valid in many countries.

How to Keep Chip ATM Cards
Cloning a chip ATM card compared to the black strip’s ATM card, it is very difficult for cyber thieves and other gangs. This is because it is very difficult to read the chip ATM card.
A software has been prepared for the readings of this new ATM, which is only available to banks. In such a case, it is very difficult to misuse the card. At the same time, readers of BlackBoard ATM cards are present in the markets, so that ATM can be cloned.
How is cloning
You may not know that the old strip of ATM card has all the information related to your ATM in the black strip. In such a situation, the information about the ATM goes to criminals after you swipe the card.
In addition to Criminal ATMs and Swipe machines, they put digital devices apart from which the card information can be copied. Not only do the criminals put the camera around the ATM machine, so that they know the pin number of your ATM.

On completion of the transaction by ATM, you connect the digital device installed in the Criminal ATM machine to the computer system and get the confidential number of the ATM card and make it on the cloned card. At the same time, they know the ATM’s pin camera. After this they can easily deal with the help of your ATM clone.
The criminals read the card by putting the device around the card slot. In such a case, whenever you withdraw money from an old card that means an ATM card with a magnetic or black strip, look carefully at the card slot in the machine before you move it slightly.
If there is a device other than this, it will fall immediately. When inserting the pin, cover the place with the buttons on the other hand so that the micro cameras that are held there can not capture the pin.

What kind of card is paying the bank
The bank has been issuing ‘Ruppe Cards’ to the account holders and small account holders of Jan-Dhan Yojna recently. These cards are being made in India and people are being provided free of cost. Apart from this, the banks are also supplying many other types of cards to consumers.
Among them are MasterCard and Visa card heads. On the other hand, individual banks are issuing only chip-debit cards and credit cards. It is very difficult to steal the privacy of these new cards.
Expert opinion-

Payment Security Expert, Nitin Bhatnagar says that according to the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India, no bank now releases such a magnetic or black strip card. Those who still have such cards and they are using them, it would be better for these people to contact their bank as soon as possible and replace these cards with a SIM or chip card.

Now using these cards is like inviting any fraud. If there is a fraud with someone using a magnetic striped card, first of all go to the police station and inform it. After this, make your bank aware of this fraud in writing in writing. Also, keep in mind that this entire process does not take more than three days.


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