Don’t Do These 10 Things With Your Mobile Battery, 10 Battery Saving Tips

Some Peoples Are Facing Battery Issues On Thert Mobile Phones. Theur Are Many Reasons Which Affect Your Battery. So Today We Are Going To Tell You About Battery Draining Reason And Tips.

# 1. Never use duplicate charger

It is always recommended to avoid cheap charger manufacturer companies, it directly affects battery life

# 2. Do not Trust Fast Charging

In some phones, you get the option to select charging if you have a general charging option, please use it in awhile. Fast charging is not always good

# 3. Remove the phone cover

You can use a protective phone case, it is better to remove it while charging because the battery gets heated and it requires proper air supply.

# 4. Do not use any other charger

Many people ask their friends phone charger to charge their phones, this affects the battery because every charger has different input and output

# 5. Do not charge your phone for full night

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, charging your phone and closing the button is always better.

# 6. Charge your phone’s battery up to 85%

Most batteries are made of lithium ions and if you charge your phone 100% every time it is not good. Try to keep it between 20% to 85%

# 7. Never use third party battery apps

To monitor or close the app, you can use any third-party app just stop using it

# 8. Never use it during charging

I know people are curious and there is no time to wait until the phone charges. Many people send messages while charging phone It’s wrong.

# 9. Buy an Authentic Power Bank

While traveling, you may need a power bank to charge your phone. Choose it carefully

# 10. Do not use your phone when connected to Power Bank

At such a point, you are charging your phone, so it is clear that you should not use it.

So These Are The Battery Issues And Their Solving Tricks. Share This 


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