How To Check Who Blocked Me On Facebook

You Can Block Anyone On Facebook. But You Are Not Know How To Know Who Blocked You On Facebook. So Today We Are Going To Tell You About How To Check Who Block You On Facebook.

First Way➡
First of all go to the search bar of Facebook. Now search for the name of who you suspect. If its profile does not appear, then it can have two meanings. First – either he has blocked you. And secondly – either he has deactivated his account.

Second Way➡
If you have any doubt about it, and it has been talked to you on Facebook before, then you can find old messages. Now if you see his name in black and bold and you can not click on it, then it means that he is active on Facebook, but he has blocked you.
If someone has blocked you on Facebook, then you can not send him a message or send him a friend request or view his profile.

These Peoples Can’t Be Block➡
On Facebook, where people block each other on talk about it, there are two people who can block them. Nobody can ever block Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Precilla Chan. Some users think that Mark is the CEO and co-founder of Facebook, so it may be that he can not be blocked. But the reality is different from that. Actually, Facebook users have blocked Mark Zuckerberg and his wife so often that blocking systems for these two profiles have stopped working. Since the year 2010 the site has closed this functionality. Facebook says there is no special treatment behind this. Both posts have been blocked so often that the Unlikes and Profiles have been blocked so that the system has to close it automatically.

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