What To Do If Cash Not Come From ATM And Money Is Cut From Bank Account

Money not withdrawn from the ATM and the account was cut off, do this work

According to the ATMIA, nearly 35 lakh ATMs have been established around the world. At present, people are also using ATMs not only to extract cash but also to check different types of transactions like balance inquiry, mobile phones, recharge of DTH etc.
But, every technique has some flaws and ATMs are also untouched by it. Sometimes it takes cash from ATMs that ATM does not get cash, but money is cut from the account. In such a situation, you have to make a complaint in the bank to claim your money. In most cases banks deposit money in your account.


But, if for some reason the bank does not do this and you feel that something went wrong with you, then you can complain about it. Consumer Minister Ram Vilas Paswan himself gave this information. Paswan has tweeted similar sentences. They told that the customer withdraws money from the ATM, but if money is not withdrawn from the ATM and the amount is withdrawn from the account, then what to do?

Money back to the customer got back in less than 18 days –
He wrote that once a customer gave information about this matter, but then he failed to get his money back. After this he gave information about the matter to the consumer department’s helpline and the customer got his money back in less than 18 days.

Report on toll free number complaint –
If ever this happens to you, you can register your complaint within seven days of the consumer helpline at toll free number 14404 or 1800-11-4000.
Complaints can be made on the website of Consumer Department –

If you wish, you can also file your complaint by visiting the Consumer Department’s website www.consumerhelpline.gov.in.


By Doing This You Can Easily Get Your Money Back


  1. sir meravi yese hi huwa he kal 10k cash mene withdraw kiya thaa lekin unable transcation kahathaa aur paisa vi nahi nikla thaa and mera account se 10k kat gayaa he lekin mene paisa nahi paaya kya karu?

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