Bharti Airtel Will Be Closed Airtel 3G Service After Some Time

After stepping into the Geo market, the storm in the telecom sector is not taking the name out yet. On the one hand some telecom companies are merging with each other to get hold of the market, on the other hand some telecoms are shutting down their old plans. Now Airtel is going to stop its 3G services. If news is to be believed, Airtel can completely disrupt its 3G services in the next three to four years.

Try to increase the 4G network
After shutting down its 3G services, it will use its spectrum connected to 4G services. According to a senior Bharti Airtel official, the company is now spending almost nothing on its 3G services. The company’s idea is to completely shut down its 3G services in the next 3 to 4 years. At present the 2G network is fast growing because almost 50 per cent of the phones sold in India are still feature phones. Airtel is investing more in 4G technology to increase its network capacity. In the coming days, the company will use 2100 Mhz band coming in 3G services for 4G.

Company profits in September quarter
Let us tell you that in the September quarter, Airtel got a net profit of Rs 343 crore, while in the financial year 2016-17, the company had earned Rs 1,461 crore. At the same time, the operating free cash flow of the company has seen a decline of 87 per cent. In the quarter ended September this year, the operating cash flow was recorded at Rs 520 crores.

RCom is also going to shut down 2G, 3G and DTH services
Just last week, Anil Ambani’s company RCom also announced the closure of 2G, 3G and DTH services. Executive Director of this company, Gurdeep Singh, said in a message sent to the employees that the company will now continue to operate its full focus in ILD Voice, Consumer Voice, 4G Postpaid Dongal and Mobile Tower businesses till the profits continue. .


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