Android P Vs Android O, Android 8.0 Vs Android 9.0

Android P Preview Launched By Google. You Will Soon See Android P In Your Smartphone. But Their Are Nany Things To Know About Android P 9.0. So Today We Are Going To Tell You About How Android P Is Different From Android O. I Hope You Will Like This Article.

People say that the world walks on faith, but the truth is that the world now runs on Android or iOS. But there are some changes in the same Android every day. However, Android 9.0 update has come in Android 8.0 which is experimental So let’s see what’s in it special?

There are so many features in Android 9.0 or Android P, which make it better with Android 8.0 or Android Orion. Just like in the Orio, the Notification Window is the same, while Android P will have notification windows, with rounded edges.

It also vibrates mobile while dragging the notification window. Android P’s graphic is much better than Android Oroos. After turning on the component’s notification of its window it becomes blue, while the slabs in Android Orio become colored. Android P is designed by keeping the phone nine in mind. Note will be shown only for four apps. If the notification is issued from four Da will see a dot after four.

Apart from this, some attractive changes have also been done in its settings menu, such as its menu component has been introduced as a picture format.


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