5G Will Soon Launched In India, Here Are All Details Sbout 5G

If you are thinking about superfast connectivity then you are happy news. 5G i.e. the fifth generation of telecom technology was launched in Europe for commercial testing in Berlin.


The technology has been launched commercially by Europe’s largest service provider, Deutsche Telecom. Which will launch throughout Europe by 2020.

This technology requires ultraspread antenna, which causes high speed data flow. The video of 2 GB can be downloaded in just one second.

It is believed that this technology will help in exchange of data across the globe. If we talk about its arrival in India, it can be available to Indian customers by 2022.

At present, India’s largest service provider Airtel has recently launched 5G’s EnBelter Technology, Meemo Yi’s Multiple Input and Multiple Output in Bangalore. Airtel is upgrading its network to bring this technology first in all Metro

There was a time when the world was using 3G, then India was debating the speed of 2G. But now the conditions have changed, and India remains at the top even in terms of data usage with the world’s largest 4G network.

But now it is a matter of 4G old days. Recently, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Information and Technology, work has been started to bring 5G services in India and it is expected that in India, services of 5G will be started with the rest of the world. .

According to the ministry, in India, 5G services will be started by 2020 and its speed will be 10000 Mbps, that is, you will be able to enjoy downloading 10 HD movies in 1 second.

On the other hand, after the government announcement, Airtel has announced the launch of its own 5G services. Airtel says it will expand its 5G services in India just before 2020. According to sources, after the introduction of 5G, the price of Internet Data Pack will also fall further and users will be able to use High Speed ​​Internet easily.


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